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OZAR Hand Tools

Product Image (ACV-0234, ACV-0235, ACV-0236)

Vernier Caliper

Price: 215 INR

Graduated in both mm and inch size

Product Image (AJT-1254, AJT-1255)

Brass Vernier Caliper

Price: 250 INR

Stepped jaw construction for inside and outside measurement

Product Image (AJP-5360, AJP-5361)

Iron Jack Plane

Price: 1300 INR

Professional woodworkers jack plane features wooden handle and knob

Product Image (AHS-7590, AHS-7592, AHS-7596, AHS-0390, AHS-0392, AHS-0393)


Price: 50 INR

Ideal tool for all cutting applications in wood or metal

Product Image (ACC-1012, ACC-1020 to ACC-1026)


Price: 70 INR

Made of hardened tool steel

Product Image ( ACT-1010)


Price: 250 INR

Made of stainless steel Serrated jaws provide a vise like grip Box joint, highly polished

Product Image (AEM-1190, AEM-1191)

Outside Micrometer

Price: 700 INR

Handy economical tool for measuring purposes Available in metric and inch size Moderately priced

Product Image (ABW-8474, ABW-8475, ABW-8476)

Box Wrench Set

Price: 380 INR

Double ended, wrenches Suitable for removing nuts with protruding bolts or fixing in recessed positions

Product Image (AHB-0219 to AHB-0226)

Ball Peen Hammer

Price: 110 INR

Ball Pein Hammer Induction Hardened Head & Drop Forged

Product Image (ABW-5019, ABW-5020, ABW-6061, ABW-5022, ABW-5023)

Wrecking Bar

Price: 250 INR

Chisel end on one side and Swan neck on the other.

Product Image (AEG-2465)

Magnifying Glass

Price: 115 INR

Plastic handle light weight magnifiers ideal for engineers, professionals and hobbyists

Product Image (ABH-5016, ABP-7344)

Pry Bar / Crow Bar

Price: 200 INR

Designer for leverage and Heavy prying especially in Automotive trade. Tapered end for aligning application round body.

Product Image (APR-7601)

Punch Plier

Price: 395 INR

Revolving Head incorporates 6 hardened punches. 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm

Product Image (ATS-0294, ATS-0295)

Tweezer Set

Price: 400 INR

Stainless steel tweezers sets Set consists of straight, bent, self locking and spade point tweezer. All tweezers are 4-1/2”/115 mm long

Product Image (AMC-4988, AMC-1187)

Magnet Clamp

Price: 275 INR

Versatile angular clamps for wide range of applications Magnetic clamps feature strong magnet individually tested Also available in Arrow Shape.

Product Image (AMC-4986, AMC-4987)

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Clamps

Price: 1500 INR

Hold work firmly at 45°, 90° or 135 angle.

Product Image (AMP-0626, AMP-0656, AMP-0657, AMP-0658, AMP-0659)

Shallow Ceramic Magnet

Price: 200 INR

Permanent, powerful magnets to hold, lift and attract metal parts Shallow depth permits use in confined spaces ASM-0656 has 10 x 24 threaded center hole for fastening with machine screw Large sizes have 3/8” clearance holes for fastening with rods or bolts

Product Image (AMP-6240, AMP-6241, AMP-6242, AMP-6243)

Pot Magnets

Price: 200 INR

Has unlimited applications such as magnetic fasteners, displays, holding maps etc.

Product Image (AWS-8530)

Wire Stripping Plier

Price: 65 INR

Jaw Hardened & Tempered, Semi-Forged Carbon Steel Bright Chrome / Natural Polish with Pvc Sleeve

Product Image (AMH-0650, AMH-0651, AMH-0652)

Magnetic Holdfasts

Price: 1750 INR

Provided with push off screw to push work away from the holdfasts as these cannot be done by hand

Product Image ( AVB-1391, AVH-7611)

Baby Bench Vice

Price: 800 INR

Designed for holding small drills Three inter changeable collets available Available in fixed and swivel base

Product Image (AMS-1644)

Hand Magnetic Separator

Price: 1500 INR

Specially designed for separating ferrous sheets or particles

Product Image (AMC-4967, AMC-4970, AMC-4971)

Magnetic Clamps

Price: 380 INR

Powerful, semi-permanent ferrite magnet holds iron and steel parts at angles of 45°, 90° and 135

Product Image (ASS8584)

Screwdriver Set With Neon Bulb

Price: 250 INR

Nickel Chrome finish with Hardened Blades, Collet Screw design

Product Image (APC-0035, APC-0624)

Automatic Center Punch

Price: 235 INR

Fully hardened and ground punch point Heavy knurled body for definite grip and easy handling No hammer is required for operating punch

Product Image (APC-8525, APC-8526)


Price: 195 INR

Carpenter, Cobbler and Tower Pincers in different sizes

Product Image ( APC-0001, APC-0336)

Center Punch

Price: 55 INR

Made of tool steel, hardened and tempered

Product Image (AHC-0218)

Chipping Hammer

Price: 240 INR

Comes with shock proof steel spring handle

Product Image (ACC-1471, 1472, 1473, 1474, 1475, 1476, 1477)

C Clamp

Price: 225 INR

Made from malleable casting Heavy duty swivel head screw Available in various sizes

Product Image (AHC-8131, AHC-8132)


Price: 480 INR

Club Hammer Induction Hardened Head & Drop Forged Carbon Steel With or Without Wooden Handle Polished Head

Product Image (APH-7697, APH-7699)

Tool Bags

Price: 1600 INR

Top opening reinforced with metal. Pop open design, 4 exterior pockets, 2 side strapping for levels, 8 interior pockets and large compartment for tools. Padded handle and shoulder strap made from heavy duty water repellent polyester.

Product Image (AHS7851, AHS7851, AHS7851, AHS8121, AHS8122)

Sledge Hammer

Price: 350 INR

Sledge Hammer Induction Hardened Head & Drop Forged

Product Image (APW-5180 - APW-5184)

Pipe Wrench

Price: 300 INR

Accurately hardened & tempered jaws & frame

Product Image (ABP-5100 - ABP-5107)

Bearing Puller

Price: 350 INR

Reversible type pullers Three adjustable legs for internal or external pulling of gears, bearings, etc Legs are made of drop forged chrome plated steel

Product Image (AHB-0219, AHB-0220, AHB-0221, AHB-0222, AHB-0223, AHB-0224)

Ball Pein Hammer

Price: 110 INR

Ball Pein Hammer Hammer Induction Hardened Head & Drop Forged

Product Image (ASA8491, ASA8492, ASA8493, ASA8494)

Adjustable Wrenches

Price: 240 INR

Forged special steel and induction Hardened Phosphate finish Generally conforming to ISO Standard

Product Image (ALS-0200)

Letter And Number Punch Set

Price: 900 INR

Made from carbon steel.


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