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OZAR Hand Tools

Product Image (AHS-7590, AHS-7592, AHS-7596, AHS-0390, AHS-0392, AHS-0393)


Price: 50 INR

Ideal tool for all cutting applications in wood or metal

Product Image (AJT-1254, AJT-1255)

Brass Vernier Caliper

Price: 250 INR

Stepped jaw construction for inside and outside measurement

Product Image (AEM-1190, AEM-1191)

Outside Micrometer

Price: 700 INR

Handy economical tool for measuring purposes Available in metric and inch size Moderately priced

Product Image (ABW-5019, ABW-5020, ABW-6061, ABW-5022, ABW-5023)

Wrecking Bar

Price: 250 INR

Chisel end on one side and Swan neck on the other.

Product Image (ACC-1012, ACC-1020 to ACC-1026)


Price: 70 INR

Made of hardened tool steel

Product Image ( ACT-1010)


Price: 250 INR

Made of stainless steel Serrated jaws provide a vise like grip Box joint, highly polished

Product Image (ACV-0234, ACV-0235, ACV-0236)

Vernier Caliper

Price: 215 INR

Graduated in both mm and inch size

Product Image (AEG-2465)

Magnifying Glass

Price: 115 INR

Plastic handle light weight magnifiers ideal for engineers, professionals and hobbyists

Product Image (AHB-0219 to AHB-0226)

Ball Peen Hammer

Price: 110 INR

Ball Pein Hammer Induction Hardened Head & Drop Forged

Product Image (ABW-8474, ABW-8475, ABW-8476)

Box Wrench Set

Price: 380 INR

Double ended, wrenches Suitable for removing nuts with protruding bolts or fixing in recessed positions

Product Image (AJP-5360, AJP-5361)

Iron Jack Plane

Price: 1300 INR

Professional woodworkers jack plane features wooden handle and knob

Product Image (ATS-0294, ATS-0295)

Tweezer Set

Price: 400 INR

Stainless steel tweezers sets Set consists of straight, bent, self locking and spade point tweezer. All tweezers are 4-1/2”/115 mm long

Product Image (ABH-5016, ABP-7344)

Pry Bar / Crow Bar

Price: 200 INR

Designer for leverage and Heavy prying especially in Automotive trade. Tapered end for aligning application round body.

Product Image ( APC-0001, APC-0336)

Center Punch

Price: 55 INR

Made of tool steel, hardened and tempered

Product Image (APC-0035, APC-0624)

Automatic Center Punch

Price: 235 INR

Fully hardened and ground punch point Heavy knurled body for definite grip and easy handling No hammer is required for operating punch

Product Image (ASS8584)

Screwdriver Set With Neon Bulb

Price: 250 INR

Nickel Chrome finish with Hardened Blades, Collet Screw design

Product Image (AHC-0218)

Chipping Hammer

Price: 240 INR

Comes with shock proof steel spring handle

Product Image (APH-7697, APH-7699)

Tool Bags

Price: 1600 INR

Top opening reinforced with metal. Pop open design, 4 exterior pockets, 2 side strapping for levels, 8 interior pockets and large compartment for tools. Padded handle and shoulder strap made from heavy duty water repellent polyester.

Product Image (AHC-8131, AHC-8132)


Price: 480 INR

Club Hammer Induction Hardened Head & Drop Forged Carbon Steel With or Without Wooden Handle Polished Head

Product Image (ACC-1471, 1472, 1473, 1474, 1475, 1476, 1477)

C Clamp

Price: 225 INR

Made from malleable casting Heavy duty swivel head screw Available in various sizes

Product Image (AMS-1644)

Hand Magnetic Separator

Price: 1500 INR

Specially designed for separating ferrous sheets or particles

Product Image ( AVB-1391, AVH-7611)

Baby Bench Vice

Price: 800 INR

Designed for holding small drills Three inter changeable collets available Available in fixed and swivel base

Product Image (AWS-8530)

Wire Stripping Plier

Price: 65 INR

Jaw Hardened & Tempered, Semi-Forged Carbon Steel Bright Chrome / Natural Polish with Pvc Sleeve

Product Image (APR-7601)

Punch Plier

Price: 395 INR

Revolving Head incorporates 6 hardened punches. 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm

Product Image (APC-8525, APC-8526)


Price: 195 INR

Carpenter, Cobbler and Tower Pincers in different sizes

Product Image (ASA8491, ASA8492, ASA8493, ASA8494)

Adjustable Wrenches

Price: 240 INR

Forged special steel and induction Hardened Phosphate finish Generally conforming to ISO Standard

Product Image (AHB-0219, AHB-0220, AHB-0221, AHB-0222, AHB-0223, AHB-0224)

Ball Pein Hammer

Price: 110 INR

Ball Pein Hammer Hammer Induction Hardened Head & Drop Forged

Product Image (APW-5180 - APW-5184)

Pipe Wrench

Price: 300 INR

Accurately hardened & tempered jaws & frame

Product Image (ALS-0200)

Letter And Number Punch Set

Price: 900 INR

Made from carbon steel.

Product Image (ABP-5100 - ABP-5107)

Bearing Puller

Price: 350 INR

Reversible type pullers Three adjustable legs for internal or external pulling of gears, bearings, etc Legs are made of drop forged chrome plated steel

Product Image (AHS7851, AHS7851, AHS7851, AHS8121, AHS8122)

Sledge Hammer

Price: 350 INR

Sledge Hammer Induction Hardened Head & Drop Forged


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